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Effective Billing, Collection and Legal Action Recovery for Health Care, Property Management and Professional Services

Why More Of Your Customers Pay Cal Coast Credit Service
We offer user-friendly assistance and provide innovative options for your customers to stay on top of their debt. CCCS is unique in that we listen to customer concerns and establish the best possible arrangement for both parties.
Consistent Collections – Custom Strategies
When you work with Cal Coast Credit Service (CCCS), we learn about your business and build a collection strategy to best suit your needs. Our specialists will contact customers on your behalf and recover lost revenue for no upfront fee. We give every account the necessary amount of attention, regardless of its size or age, using national databases consisting of over 1 billion records to locate your lost customers. This way, our team is able to ensure the maximum recovery.
 Medical Claims
Medical debt collections requires a very specific set of skills. Fortunately, our professionals are fully trained and certified in HIPAA laws and the FDCPA, ensuring you receive prompt and efficient assistance.
 Rules Our Collectors Follow On Every Account
  • We Treat Each Account with Respect
  • We Maintain Leading Industry Recovery Standards
  • We Retain and Reinforce the Client’s Good Reputation
  • We Remain Hands-on and Take Every Concern Seriously, No Matter How Small 
  • We Use Call Recorded Technology 

Top Credentials in Areas Like Palo Alto, Santa Rosa, & San Rafael, CA

Our family-owned company has 60 years of experience and retains the proper memberships and certifications to ensure your peace of mind. Take a look at the following section to get a better sense of our current credentials. Have no doubt, you can rely on Cal Coast Credit Service for prompt and reliable assistance. 

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We serve the North Bay area; the East Bay area; and the San Francisco Bay Area. Specifically, we offer assistance to Santa Rosa, CA; San Francisco, CA; San Rafael, CA; Healdsburg, CA; Sausalito, CA; Napa, CA; American Canyon, CA; Richmond, CA; Martinez, CA; Walnut Creek, CA; and Hayward, CA
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