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Let CCCS Handle Your Accounts Receivables

A finely-tuned accounts receivable collection function is critically important to the cash flow of a business. This requires an investment of time, talent and resources in order for it to be effective.

In our experience, outsourcing has become essential for some companies, especially as they realize the overall benefits that it provides. Rather than hiring a full-time staff person to handle your billing, outsource it to CCCS and concentrate on what you do best, delivering your service.

Best Patient Direct Pay Billing Services

Patient Direct Pay billing is a central pillar of any health care practice. Although care is the top priority, your practice is still a business. To make sure you're actually getting paid for the services you provide, you'll need a knowledgeable, focused and reliable team overseeing your billing. When chasing down unpaid patient accounts, a billing department needs to be on the ball. As the leader of a small or midsize medical practice, you have one big determination to make right off the bat: Do you keep billing in-house or outsource it to a professional company?

If you think a outsourcing your billing department may prove beneficial for your company, we urge you to reach out to one of the knowledgeable professionals at CCCS.

Customer Experience Needs Digital Options

Customers desire an easy-to-use platform that provides billing and payment options. By providing a comprehensive customer experience, customers will adopt digital services that lower your costs and increase staff productivity. It is important to provide user-friendly solutions and payment and billing channels which satisfy all demographics. Staying on top of billing allows you to have a strong cash flow,, to keep your business running, and it takes the pressure off of your staff.
  • Self-Service Portal 
  • Timely Communication 
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Pay-by-Email
  • Agent Assisted Calls
  • Check Payment
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Print and Mail
  • Guest Pay
  • Auto Payment
  • Our Office

    Success hinges on companies having the tools they need to make decisions quickly and to enhance the overall customer service experience. Fortunately, our team has spent years developing easy-to-understand products and solutions to ensure the needs of the entire organization – especially the customers – are met. 

    Cloud Technology

    Our products were built from the ground up based on years of experience providing billing and payment technology to all sorts of clients. You can rely on our system for true reliability.

    Want To Know More? Let's Get In Touch!

    If you would like to learn more about our service options, give us a call. We look forward to helping you achieve your billing and payment needs. 
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  • Implementation
  • System Reliability and Stability
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