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Source out to CCCS, your trusted advisor, to ensure you’re keeping the customers you want, while successfully increasing cash flow by effective debt collections.

Our collection methodology uses multiple data sources to track down individuals or businesses to get current information, and resolve all unpaid accounts.

Not everything can be fixed or resolved with an account. People have debt and/or hardship situations that make it hard for them to commit money. In these situations, a personal commitment is worked out until it’s resolved. We respect the client’s authorized payment date when submitting their payments, either by check or credit card, to assure payments are smoothly processed.

The CCCS Motto
Professional – Courteous – Respectful – Accountability

CCCS does not use techniques that irritate your clients. We do not use techniques like key pad prompts to dial clients with recorded messages, synthetic voices, or dropped lines – these methods simply are not effective.

Our Collection Methodology

We work with an effective, proven debt collections methodology. Our collection process software was developed by a PhD to deliver results. 

CCCS offers call recording service to document phone calls, using professional and courteous communication techniques that are able to secure commitments. Customers that are turned over to CCCS are provided a better debt resolution and repayment experience.

Delegate to your collection professionals: Cal Coast Credit Service.

Service Options

  • Finding people
  • Live Voice Phone Call Services
  • Skiptracing 
  • Letters
  • Bill Reminders
  • Legal Actions
  • File Judgment
  • Hire Attorney
  • Let Us Show You How To Increase Your Bottom Line!
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