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  • Collections
  • We are a collection agency who contacts customers on your behalf and recovers lost revenue for no upfront fee. We specialize in medical debt collections, dental debt collections, judgment collections and commercial debt collections.

  • Direct Patient Pay Collections
  • Medical debt recovery takes a very specific set of skills. Our professionally trained collectors are well versed to treat debtors firmly, to obtain accountability, yet remaining compassionate.

  • Consistent Service
  • We give every account attention regardless of its size or age to ensure you have the maximum recovery.

  • Locate Customers
  • We use national databases consisting of over 1 billion records to locate your lost customers, also incorporating skip tracing.

  • Custom Collection Strategy
  • When you work with CCCS, we learn about your business and build a collection solution around your needs. This includes sending collection letters on your behalf, in the early stages, and then escalating when appropriate with Agency collection letters.

  • Business to Business and Commercial Claims
  • Commercial debtors require an ongoing daily collections approach, one that Cal Coast Credit Service (CCCS), a California Collection agency, is willing to “knock on every door” until the amount owed is resolved.

  • Customer Credit Health
  • Learn more about how we work to get your customer’s unpaid bill resolved and paid.

    The debtor also receives tools to improve their understanding of debt rebuilding, budgeting and the importance of paying bills on time. Let our experts maximize your revenue reimbursement – letting you shine at what you do best – delivering services or products and getting on with your business.