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Take Advantage Of Our Proven Delivery System

Take Advantage Of Our Proven Delivery System

Let Cal Coast Credit Service (CCCS) do the heavy lifting when collecting your past-due accounts. CCCS retains one of the best reputations among clients who choose to service accounts, along with many debtors that have been able to resolve their past due accounts.
CCCS is also an accedited A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

CCCS provides all the services you need to recover past accounts, including letter writing, live professional phone calls, skiptracing, litigation, and when necessary and appropriate, Superior Court for forced recovery.

CCCS has the expertise and service options to recover delinquent accounts. Our collection company specializes in both the collection of commercial business debts and individual/consumer debts. As a business owner, you need payment for your services to continue on. When payments are late, it can create a large burden upon you, your staff, and your business.

Our team can handle these problems for your company. CCCS has a high recovery reputation among its clients, and has been in business for more than six decades.

Take Advantage Of Our Client Portal

Using our state-of-the-art collection software tracking system, you get faster payouts, as your accounts pay CCCS.

The Client Portal allows 24/7 online access, plus it’s safe and secure to check the status of recovery activity, while you easily upload any new accounts. CCCS is proud to feature a state-of-the-art online tracking and accounting system that allows both clients and debtors to track the progress and current status of accounts in the Client Portal.

The Client Portal allows you to instantly review inventory, run various reports, and view the status of all your accounts.

For prompt recovery solutions, submitting an account sooner is recommended. If an account is not successfully dealt with within 60 days in your office, turn it over to CCCS. This allows for recovery and payment, without damaging your client’s credit standing. It also sends them a message that you’re serious about getting paid for services delivered in a timely fashion.