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Are You Overwhelmed With Debt?

Are You Overwhelmed With Debt?

Debt Consolidation Is A Great Solution If You Are Overwhelmed With Debt.

The Benefits Of Consolidation

  • Dramatically reduce your monthly bill payments.
  • Lower your number of creditors.
  • Reduce your interest rates.
  • Make the bill-paying process simpler with one committed payment.
  • Avoid delinquent payments and charges.
  • Protect your credit standing.
  • Learn to stay within your budget.
  • Learn not to depend on credit card charges and debt.
  • Be confident with handling your financial commitments.
  • Begin to build your savings and emergency savings.

Consumer Debt Consolidation Programs

Reputable credit counseling organizations advise you on managing your money and debts, help you develop a budget, and usually offer low-cost educational materials and classes. The Consumer Federation of America says you shouldn’t pay more than $50 for the set-up fee and no more than a $25 monthly maintenance fee.

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Beware Of Scams

Some debt relief programs are scams run by con artists who can’t deliver on their promises. Learn more about these risks.

Debt Consolidation Loans

We’ve included three debt consolidation loan companies, as researched by These companies provide the best debt solution choices with reasonable fees. The reviewers also looked into the customer satisfaction of past clients and other qualities that make the companies trustworthy and reliable.

  • National Debt Relief
  • CuraDebt
  • American Debt Enders

When Should You Use a Debt Consolidation Company?

Debt consolidation combines multiple debts into one, single payment, with the purpose of simplifying your repayment schedule and lowering your overall monthly payment amount. A debt consolidation company may be able to help you pay off your debt more quickly and alleviate some of the stress associated with paying bills.

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How To Develop A Healthy Payment Plan

  • Set Up Automatic Deductions
  • Cut Costs
  • Change Your Spending Habits
  • Get Help