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Agency Collection

Rely On Cal Coast Credit Service For Agency Collection

Rely On Cal Coast Credit Service For Agency Collection

Better Letter Service (BLS 10), Full Agency Collection Service

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CCCS improves recovery by locating your lost customers. This is a no-cost service that is included in our collection program. We use skiptracing tools to help locate or update phone numbers, addresses, assets and places of employment.

Dedicated skiptracing professionals use six major databases to search over 300 million records and locate hard-to-find customers. In addition, our professionals manually search public information sources, Super Pages, Insight Direct and Trans Union. We locate individuals through websites, social networks, employment history, business filings, driver’s licenses and voter registration. These resources enhance our ability to evaluate candidates for litigation as well as increase your liquidation rates.

Collection Letters

Communication from a collection agency conveys immediate urgency to the debtor. CCCS customizes and delivers a series of demand letters and calls based on your specific requirements.

Upon receipt of your request for collection on an account, we immediately begin collection proceedings by sending a letter advising the debtor that their account has been placed with CCCS. Our letters are all FDCPA compliant and have been written by an experienced collection attorney.

Collection Strategy

Upon engagement, a senior CCCS staff member will create a strategy specifically built for your needs. Our seasoned personnel have 10-25 years of collection expertise. You can be assured they will treat your customers with the dignity and respect you expect from your collection partners.

CCCS customarily performs in-depth assessments of your receivables so we fully understand your objectives. Once mutually satisfactory goals are established, we submit the Call Strategy and plan. This ensures the detailed tasks and assigned roles for all parties contribute to the project’s success.

We take pride in exceeding your expectations. For approximately the first 30 days, we employ a Pilot Program to test our efforts and make the necessary adjustments. When improvements have been established, we submit a formal Proof of Concept. With your approval we begin the internal training, and accelerate the resources, while simultaneously submitting reports to keep you informed. This is followed by customizing the call platforms that follow to continue the process.

Legal Collections

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting So You Can Enjoy Your Personal Time

The collection methodology at Cal Coast Credit Services is based upon effective, professional and courteous communication to achieve debtor payment. Debtors with the necessary assets who refuse or fail to pay in full or reach an amicable solution will be referred to our attorney for legal action. We often obtain civil judgment and collect by bank levy or wage garnishment.

Legal Letters

Our legal collection service begins by sending legal letters to your customer informing them of their obligations to your company.

Different from our collection letter service, these are legal letters. Sometimes only a letter or two is needed to legally encourage the customer to act. You don't pay any upfront fee; there is no charge for payments received until money is recovered. Unsuccessful legal letter attempts are immediately redirected to our legal call collection service at the end of the 45-day period.

Judgment Collection

We use the California Judicial System to Collect Your Judgment When Required.

Research indicates over 80% of civil judgments are never collected. At CCCS we will locate your debtor and provide asset searches to validate collectability. We enforce the satisfaction of the judgment by contacting the debtor to negotiate a settlement. When contact is made, the debtor can cooperate and satisfy the judgment with our collection specialists or we will seize and/or liquidate all available assets.

Working With Us

We’re practical. When you use CCCS, you are connected with an up-to-date, educated, professional staff that is familiar with revenue management.

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